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Sign up now to join the TS5 Beta program

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Teamspeak is offering a chance to test their Beta version of TS5, so if you are interested, click the Twitter link below.

Source: Teamspeak Twitter
"We're currently working hard on TeamSpeak 5, which is set to be released in Q4 this year. Make sure you're signed up to the upcoming beta program to get your hands on...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Closed/Open Beta Signup

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Closed/Open Beta is available this weekend for PC players, so be sure to sign up [here] if you are interested. It requires Blizzard's app (like Origin for EA games) to run. This is what...

TeamSpeak 5 is coming to a community near you

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It appears TeamSpeak has recently lost the top #1 slot for voice gaming service, and apparently they are not taking it lightly. It seems Discord, Skype and a few other VOIP apps are gaining ground, so they are responding by releasing TeamSpeak 5 by the end of the year (Q4 2018). They say it will deliver unrivaled performance and features not seen before, and yes, they are skipping TeamSpeak...

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