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Battlefield V Alpha testing feedback

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Alexander "Soon" Hassoon gave us some feedback on the recent Alpha testing. Here is what he had to say...

"Thanks to everyone that took part in the Battlefield™ V Closed Alpha! Not only was the Closed Alpha a chance for select players to go hands-on with an early version of the multiplayer map Arctic Fjord – it generated a...

Jammer Issues

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Looks like we aren't the only ones noticing some more egregious problems with the Tech. A new thread popped up on the Ubisoft forums reporting drones unaffected by the jammer. Ubisoft is looking into the problem, but just food for thought in selecting the class.

Also, looks like the latest speculation for the patch drop is July 17. It's tied to the date the recycle of the predator event...

Ubisoft steps up Rainbow 6 Siege anti-cheat efforts

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Ubisoft has been busy working on combating cheaters, so they have posted an article discussing their efforts towards curbing the cheats found in Rainbow 6 Siege. Here is what they had to say...

"Our next steps to combat cheating has been a priority in both the community and on the development team as of late. As such, we have been working towards the implementation of a few different...

Battlefield V Closed Alpha

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Anyone else get in? Starts June 28th at 0800 UTC / 0100 PST.

Official announcement:

There's no NDA either this time around.

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