How to add Mute/Unmute Feature in Teamspeak

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This is a simple solution for those of you who like to use the VOX (voice activated) feature on Teamspeak, but also like to talk to your squad members in game that are on VOIP (Instructions originally created by Axlerod1):

Step 1: MUTE
1. Click on Tools > Options > Hotkeys > Add 
2. Double click on "Microphone" and select "Toggle Microphone Mute
3. Select "On Key Down" (at top)
4. Select your Game VOIP key as your Hotkey and click "Apply"

Step 2: UNMUTE
1 Repeat Steps 1-3, except this time make sure "On Key Up" is marked
2. Select your Game VOIP key for your Hotkey and select "Apply"