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  • Oups, my bad, mistake between BF2 and FA 3.0... ^_^
    I send to you the good files .bsp and the patch if you don't have it.
    FAS game Wont Ever Be released The way There going and There stuck
    I did say My 2cents on Them month ago told them Leave me alone or else
    Hi DJDon and Happy New Year 2009.
    Yes, it is strange nevertheless that they banished you?
    However, you are not the only one, much were removed from "alphatesters" team which did not do anything for improved FAS game?
    Try to write to Hitman directely by a way or the other one or the other site of FirearmsMod…
    I do not know about which(S) other(S) site(S) that it one can join him???
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