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  1. sharp65

    Battle Crates

    No updates yet on what they're going to do with prestige points for season pass holders.
  2. sharp65

    VR Vive

    Just announced the Vive pro at CES.... curious about pricing.
  3. sharp65

    Warehouse Map Exploit

    Someone's gonna have to tell Dan, that's his go to spot. They should just make an official way to get up there then.
  4. sharp65

    Today birthdays to Gator....

    Happy birthday Gator!
  5. sharp65

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year!
  6. sharp65

    What Single game are you most looking forward to playing in 2018?

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is the only one I'm really looking forward too, maybe the next BF once we know more about it.
  7. sharp65

    Community Check In!!!

    Can't say there's really one game I'm playing the most. It's a mix of Fortnite, PUBG, BF1 (until I hit max rank again) and some Ghost War PVP.
  8. sharp65

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Finally Comes Out For Real

    New map too! Haven't tried the test server out at all, but it looks pretty good.
  9. sharp65

    Patch notes 12/14/2017

    I tried playing ranked mode earlier to do some placement matches but the population was very low. Hopefully it gets better, splitting between two different play modes will be tough. The predator class seemed pretty cool though, the M16 is pretty good. Didn't get a chance to try pathfinder yet...
  10. sharp65

    Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumor

    Hopefully that turns out to be true. Another bad company would be awesome.
  11. sharp65

    DLC drops today

    All updated, thought this came out tomorrow.
  12. sharp65

    Get Two Ubisoft PC Classics for Free this December

    Black flag was one of the better Assassins Creed games. I'd download it if you don't have it already.
  13. sharp65

    New Emoticons/Smileys added

    Nice :cool:
  14. sharp65

    Petition Dice to create a BF:Battle Royale Game

    They might as well, it seems to be working for everyone else. A frostbite BR could be cool.
  15. sharp65

    Fortnite BR

    Yea it’s a lot quicker paced then PUBG, you won’t spend 20 minutes running only to get picked off from somewhere. I’ll still trying to figure out the building aspects of it. Getting the high ground really helps.
  16. sharp65

    Fortnite BR

    Anyone else try Fortnite BR yet? It's a battle royal type game like PUBG but it's pretty different. It's cartoony and you can do some building to create walls/stairs/floors etc.. It's actually kinda fun, it plays a lot smoother for me than PUBG does and it's also completely free to play. You can...
  17. sharp65

    Battlefield 1 Announces Turning Tides Release Date

    Does the rank cap go up on the 11th or is that in January?
  18. sharp65

    Swbf2 pay to play

    EA disabled in game transactions for launch:
  19. sharp65

    Swbf2 pay to play

    I'm tempted to use my 10 hour EA access trial just to see how it is. There's really no good multiplayer games out right now, BF1 is dropping pretty low until the next DLC comes out. BF1 online: 9,468 (21,715 24HR) BF4 online: 6,427 (13,564 24HR)
  20. sharp65

    Swbf2 pay to play

    The backpedaling has already begun lol. So glad I passed on this one.