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  1. Axlerod

    EA have filed a patent for an online matchmaking algorithm to drive "engagement"

    A few months ago, we learned that Activision had patented a multiplayer matchmaking system designed to manipulate players into purchasing microtransactions. It now appears that arch-rivals EA have filed patents for two similar systems, though theirs deal with player engagement rather than solely...
  2. Axlerod

    The "New" Ghost War Meta

    Basically you get a full minute of sprint. I literally got 2 kills from guys running into the church on Pilgram Retreat! I beat them to the door. It is major OP. Their Sniper went straight to the back of the map. Overall this is a powerful setup. It does take a little practice but it is very...
  3. Axlerod

    Safety First

    The best part of this information is after 1 round, we made Mark Armory quit mid match and leave along with one of his buddies.
  4. Axlerod

    Battle Crates

    and I still have over 100K in prestige points I can not use. Whippee
  5. Axlerod

    Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Initial Sales Numbers Couldn’t Keep Up With The Original

    With all the hubbub going into its Microtransactions and loot boxes, some players were expecting Star Wars: Battlefront II to bomb ferociously, perhaps to serve as a lesson to Electronic Arts on how to do business. However, according to new numbers provided by VGChartz, it didn’t bomb as...
  6. Axlerod

    Hostage Rescue is in next update!!
  7. Axlerod

    New song Im working on.

    I am not saying a word but I have always liked that song
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    Police: Son shoots mom to death during dispute over broken video game headset

    CERES, Calif. – A Northern California man has been arrested for homicide after police say he killed his mom during a dispute over a video game headset. Around 9:50 p.m. Thursday, authorities responded to a home on River Valley Circle in Ceres for reports of a victim suffering from a gunshot...
  9. Axlerod

    Man Arrested For 'Swatting' Call That Led To Murder Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    Twenty-five-year-old Tyler Barriss was charged today in Kansas for involuntary manslaughter and two other counts in the wake of a swatting call that led police to kill an unarmed 28-year-old at his home. The maximum sentence varies but if found guilty, Barriss could face a hefty fine and years...
  10. Axlerod

    Warehouse Map Exploit

    All they have to do is take out the boxes. This should have been fixed months ago. Since the last patch, they actually made it easy to use the exploit. I would not even call it an exploit now.
  11. Axlerod

    Today birthdays to Gator....

    Happy Birthday Buddy!
  12. Axlerod

    Game of Thrones Final Season Finally Confirmed for 2019 by HBO I guess winter isn't coming this year after all. I can't believe this.
  13. Axlerod

    Here’s a Compilation of the Battlefield 2018 Leaked Info Known So Far

    I can't agree more. I will add in the fact that they also screwed over Hardcore mode. I figure once Disney pulls the star wars ip from ea, then they will have more free time on their hands and won't be able to use that excuse any more. I don't care how pretty the game takes look for the next...
  14. Axlerod

    Here’s a Compilation of the Battlefield 2018 Leaked Info Known So Far

    I will wait 1 month after release to make up my mind. If they do not go back to 3rd party servers, I will probably not buy it.
  15. Axlerod

    EA account was hacked

    I have been running the extra layer of security for over a year now just because of this. The pin number is always changing every minute.
  16. Axlerod

    Here’s a Compilation of the Battlefield 2018 Leaked Info Known So Far

    Battlefield 2018 (WWII) All leaked info as of now. (24, December, 2017) Campaign * Will focus on an American squad in WWII * Will have different perspectives of different soldiers that will link together to form the story Mechanics * Pretty much slightly improved BF1 mechanics * Behemoths will...
  17. Axlerod

    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Xmas
  18. Axlerod

    Netflix Bright | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    This was a decent movie. It was like Lord of the rings meets the last watch.
  19. Axlerod

    What Single game are you most looking forward to playing in 2018?

    Oh yeah, they won't be able to use cheats! I hope they come here first! More points for me!!!