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  1. RabidRebel

    The "New" Ghost War Meta

    Update: Apparently the sprint for the Predator is heavily extended if you keep running even after it runs out. You can get at least 3 run bars out of the Predator by running til the first bar is almost gone, hit the battle rage (giving you infinite sprint for 20 seconds), and then letting the...
  2. RabidRebel

    Battle Crates

    To be fair, the article mentioned only items about the Battle Crates. They specifically excluded any other information about the update, including how you might spend those credits.
  3. RabidRebel

    Safety First

    Just quick tip on Safety First. Apparently, Safety First works in all directions at 20 meters. Tried it the other night on Jungle Base. Not my favorite perk in the world, but it picked up all the mines on the 2nd floor while I was still on the 1st floor. Also shares the info with your...
  4. RabidRebel

    The "New" Ghost War Meta

    The Ubisoft forums have been rife with complaints about the OP nature of the Predator class over the last few weeks. Along with that has come mention of a new squad meta that has been showing up in the last few weeks that surrounds the Predator. You've probably all seen it, but not recognized...
  5. RabidRebel

    Battle Crates

    It looks like battle crates really are coming to Ghost Recon. Info on them is posted at the link below. TLDR; The battle crates will be sold for 400 ubisoft credits and give you 3 items you don't already own. Ghost War crate items will include new Icon skins that are ONLY available via battle...
  6. RabidRebel

    Warehouse Map Exploit

    All, Ubisoft community managers have confirmed that the Warehouse map exploit (getting on the roof of the warehouse) will be dealt with on the next patch. I'm assuming that means it'll be taken out, but who knows? They also issued a warning that abusing map exploits can result in sanctions...
  7. RabidRebel

    Predator can you kill him

    Done it a couple of times so far. I highly recommend 4 players to beat him. 2 is extremely rough and 3 is certainly possible. I found the best tactic to be standing on a rock so you can dive off when you get targeted by his instant-kill shot.
  8. RabidRebel

    New PVE Mode Preview

    Below is the link to the trailer for the new PVE mode coming on Dec 14 too. Let "The Hunt" begin?
  9. RabidRebel

    Predictions on Ghost Wars December Patch

    UbiInsulin posted more on the next update... The major things we can mention are the new ranked mode, two new classes, and new maps. We just can't get into details yet, I'm afraid. Some fixes that stand out: C4 will be changed to behave more like a trap than a grenade There will be improved...
  10. RabidRebel

    Predictions on Ghost Wars December Patch

    Another confirmed upcoming change. UbiInsulin posted the following regarding some complaints about the Scout drone and class (emphasis added): "At this time I'm not aware of any balance changes to Scout's drone, but support classes will be receiving an SMG damage buff."
  11. RabidRebel

    Predictions on Ghost Wars December Patch

    The rumor mill is still churning on the Ubisoft forums. Speculation from a Youtuber includes 2 new classes, new maps, and a game mode. Some others are predicting one of the new classes to be crossbow operator. The new game mode is likely the previously announced hostage rescue mode.
  12. RabidRebel

    Predictions on Ghost Wars December Patch

    It looks like Ubisoft Forum moderators are letting slip a few tidbits about the next patch. Here are a few things gleaned from the forums recently. No date has been posted for the December update. -UbiInsulin posted the following "We can confirm more classes and ranked mode, but stay tuned...
  13. RabidRebel

    PVP Leave Penalty Changes

    As of Nov 20, the penalty for early leaving a match was reduced significantly.  Due to numerous player complaints, the new rules for incurring a match leave penalty are below.  I've also included the Ubisoft forum post link which further outlines some of the Update 1: Interference patch changes...
  14. RabidRebel

    Ghost Wildlands Patch Notes 16 Nov 2017

    Below are some things I've noticed that ARE NOT in the patch notes, but you may wish to know about.  Be sure to read the one on drones. Tech Jammer -- The new drone jammer is an instant destroy for drones launched in its radius.  No more flying out and back in to the jammed radius. Disruptor...