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  1. =CDU= Rogue Warrior

    Here’s a Compilation of the Battlefield 2018 Leaked Info Known So Far

    Wow, Here are my thoughts, I was late getting into 1942, in fact, Desert Combat was what got me into the BF series, I managed over the few years of BF2, to be a member of a few GREAT modding communities, DCX being one of them, I watched and hoped the BF Community grow.... BC3, then BF4 being...
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    EA account was hacked

    Stop watching the Anime Porn!
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    What Single game are you most looking forward to playing in 2018?

    I am not holding my breath on the next EA/DICE game at all! I'll go with Gator and say FC5!
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    Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumor

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd already proven FAKE!
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    Hell let loose "Community" sign up

    I am watching this thing like a hawk. I have been hanging out in their Discord as much as I can. It looks good, levels sizes are 4km squared, open battles of up to 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery and a shifting front line. The vehicles look good.... I got in early on the...
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    Comment by '=CDU= Rogue Warrior' in media 'Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My (Live at Farm Aid 1985)'

    If you watched/heard him play LIVE last night from his Hometown in Omeeme last night, He was just 20 minutes down the road from me!
  7. =CDU= Rogue Warrior FREE TODAY! FREE TODAY!
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    Petition Dice to create a BF:Battle Royale Game
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    Chillin' Like a Villian!

    Chillin' Like a Villian!
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    Website Software Move Delay

    I tried to edit/add a signature, but, "Huston, we are a go for a NO GO" on that! ;) Also is it possible to maybe add a Shout Box?
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    Fortnite BR

    my kids are playing it on the Xbox...... One of these days I want to try it!
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    Just a fun video

    Oh yeah, This was the one when the other 3 guys on OUR team knew there was some BS going on from the other team!
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    Current EA/DICE Info

    in big DO-DO
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    Swbf2 pay to play

    I am sure it will be around somewhere  :shhhh:   I will Pass until it is $0.99 or less or in the Origin Vault!
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    Swbf2 pay to play
  16. =CDU= Rogue Warrior

    Swbf2 pay to play

    Gamespot purchases $100 worth of loot crates, ends up with less than half the amount of credits needed to unlock Darth Vader and Luke. 40 hours or $260 to unlock one of the main characters in Star Wars...
  17. =CDU= Rogue Warrior

    Cheater on PVP

    Here is the Youtube Version Thanks to AngryOIFVeteran