Armory Websites of Past


TAC (Inactive)
Jan 11, 2005
Holy crap, I forgot all about C-D, and the helmet discussion on the first page still brings shouts of "HELM CAMMING" to my ears. Ah, Firearms :peace:

Great work though, Gator. You've done a great job and I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate your commitment to this place.


TAC (Inactive)
Feb 2, 2010
good times as always, makes me think of the work ive done in the past. a lot of it was with php nuke.

Col Hogan

TAC (Inactive)
Mar 5, 2004
As Spock once said on Jim's birthday, "there were good times and there were bad, but I'd gladly do them all over again with you."

Appreciate the good times, learn from the bad :p :( :) :) :D

Thanks for many good times :)


TAC (Inactive)
Oct 21, 2003
I know I am relatively young, or at least I don't are to get any older, but I was around then. So young and so naive.

It has been some good times. Glad to see it still kicking.


TAC (Inactive)
Jun 10, 2003
Don't I know you people from somewhere?
Site looks good Larry.
Hope all find this message are well.
Been i'll as of late myself but am glad to see you guys still kicking it...
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