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Sep 26, 2016
Darlington, SC
Ha! Read the comments on these. The hate for EA is real.

I get it companies need to make money to survive. Personally I was cool with the premium pass model, but I get why some weren't. The thing they dont seem to get is that the way they are bankrolling EA comes off, and to some extent is, seen as a huge ethical lapse. They are seen as crooks because the loot boxes are RNG. I will admit that I have purchased cosmetic items in a game, PUBG for sure, however what I did not do was spend that money on RNG crates. I went to the Steam market and bought exactly what I wanted. No RNG, no gambling just a simple transaction.

I would be perfectly fine with this type of monetization which is exactly what Fortnite does. They have certain items up daily / weekly and you buy credits to buy the items. Granted this is a free to play game so I look at my few transactions there as the cost of the game. In a $60 plus game micro transactions have less of a place IMHO. That said if the cost of the development and support is more than $60 bucks and you haven't raised the price of your games then that sounds like poor business management to me. Would a hundred buck game suck? Well yes and no. If any future content was to be paid then yes I would have an issue but if the game came out and all planned DLC for the game was included in the cost then yeah I'd drop a hundy on a good game.

As it stands EA has backed themselves into a corner with Battlefront II. They did away with the Premium Program and all DLC is free so now it's kind of expected and if BF5 DLC is to be paid they will catch shit over that also ANY monetization via loot boxes will be seen in the exact same light the original Battlefront Loot Crates have been seen in. I personally dont see any way they can win in this situation. Forget it if they screw over the communities and clans in the BF as they did in BF1. At that point they can pretty much write off BF as anything other than a casual shooter and for damn sure write it off as a top seller. The clans and communities were what kept the previous BF titles running. Hell there are still BF3 servers running.
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