Checkin in with ya Larry


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Saw where the Hurrcanado was a Cat 1 when it entered GA. and was tearing stuff up. Just checking that yer good to go in Hotlanta. Got some folks in Macon / Warner Robins area I need to check on as well. Were set to catch the worst of it around noonish I think. Haven't checked lately. Not as worried about this one but should still be a TS when it gets to me. Genny is juiced up and cupboards are still stocked from last one so were golden here.

Take care and keep yer head down.



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A lot of rain, accompanied by some wind, but it has all blown over. Thank for asking, though. I have been through so many of them in my past it's not funny. Hope yuou didn't get any branches shook all over your yard. :cool:


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Water in the pond behind my house is about 1.5 feet from going over the dam but other than that all good. Woke up a a balmy 65 degree day this AM. Hope it stays that way this weekend. Yard work to do hahaha


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Hey Gator, where you at in ATL? My dad Finally moved up there last year, he's kinda between Jonesboro and McDonough.

Where you live Ranger? We got a lil wind and rain here in Charlotte and a dead tree in the neighbor's yard snapped off at about the ground. It's like a 70 or 80 foot tree and it's resting on one of my trees over the fence.
I'll just post a pic...


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