DICE is making larger maps for Battlefield V


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It appears there's been some discussion on Twitter concerning Battlefield V map size. Apparently some comments were being made about the maps not being very large, so DICE has put out a few tweets discussing how they are designing large maps for the game. They wanted to let everyone know that they are presently working on a map called “Hamada,” which will be over 1500 meters from the attackers headquarter to the defenders final fifth sector (see attached image). I hope they expand it and make all the maps larger.

Here are a few Tweets they made yesterday:




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They should have at one of the larger maps in the beta. Too many people saw the two smaller sized maps and assumed it wouldn't have the same grand scale that BF1 did. It looks like they'll have plenty though.


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I liked how BF4 had small and large versions of the maps you could use depending on slot size. I have to say I have reviewed the available info in regards to the RSP servers and I am hoping that this means that they realize they screwed the pooch on them and are wanting to make sure they are what we want BEFORE releasing them instead of trying to play catch up after the fact like they did before.
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