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TAC "Reserve"
Division 2 will have support for up to 50 member clans with support for news feeds, clan member ranks (4 ranks - Commander, Lieutenant, Agent, Recruit), advertisement of clan preferences (hours of play, mic reqs, play style), and all of this will be accessible in game. You will also be able to search for clans you would like to join. Clans can be public, invite-only or private. Private clans are not searchable but members can invite. The clan system will support similar challenges Ghost Recon brought about in terms of group efforts helping everyone in the clan. Everyone playing in the clan will earn Clan XP which will help award clan loot crates and other weekly challenges will be available exclusive to clans. Clans will also have a 1-30 level progression system, unlocking insignia and other ways to show off the veterancy of the clan. A portion of the White House HQ will be devoted to your clan as well.

Ubisoft just released an article about this (looking for the link for the Ubisoft Launcher article on it). PC Gamer link instead.

It looks like we will be getting at least some community support for Division 2 which is a step up from other recent efforts out of Ubisoft. I know a few of us are getting Division 2 and clans need a minimum of 4 separate accounts to create a clan. Keep a look out for a TAC clan on Division 2. If you're planning on getting this game, please reply so we can form up a clan on day one.
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