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EA, Bethesda & Activision Lose Billions In 2018 & Things May Only Get Worse...


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Well that was interesting. I have to say I agree with a LOT of what he says in the video however I do have to take issue with his take on BF V on a couple of points.

1) BF V has removed the premium pass and while they will have MTX in the game, it will be very similar to Fortnite and CoD 4, ie cosmetic skins which you know you arent forced to buy and there is no RNG as to what you get so yeah big whoop. DICE / EA seem to have learned from last yrs screw ups and honestly I am having a blast in BF V logging in and playing casually. The TTK /TTD IMHO is very close to HC but leaning toward Classic Mode play, gun play is the best I've seen in a BF game in yrs, and lets not forget when they made the change to the game recently to "fix" the TTD/TTK "issue" and people lost their shit the rolled it back almost immediately. People have complained about the CC after rank 50 issue but lets not forget this was an issue with BF1 as well and I assume it was overlooked since you cant spend the real world cash to buy the upgrades.

2) I think the main issue you see with the sales numbers is two fold. The first issue is that these numbers reflect physical sales and do not include the people, like myself, who are playing under the Origin Premier Access plan. The send would be the release timing. Here they did kind of screw the pooch a bit. People have been looking forward to RDR2 way longer than any BF title and to release a week after this title went out definitely hurt sales. I have to admit that if they had released the PC version of this game at the same time I would more than likely have picked it up instead.

BF V has its issues but none are utterly game breaking and the majority of the bugs people complained about were patched a week after it went live. When was the last time you saw that? Also the new attrition system is doing wonders for the game IMHO. The very best parts of Ammo 2.0 from BF1 have made it into the game as core components and I am seeing definite improvements most notably the lack of hill humping bush wookies, people playing the objectives as a squad, and support/ medics playing their roles.
The missions / awards system while still needing , again IMHO, to go back to the BF4 model are working better. As a for instance the latest ToW line to unlock the rifle, currently live, I was able to accomplish the entire thing in one gaming session as an assault by simply playing the Grand Operations mode for 3 rounds. I went to check what the next thing I needed to do was and when I looked by golly the rifle was unlocked and I hadn't even been trying. That's how it should be with everything. Play the game as it should be played for your class and unlock stuff.
While I would like them to go back to the global system where no matter what you were doing if you did something that counted toward any of the assignment it would give credit I can understand why its done this way I just dont agree with using the assignments to extend play / game life. Make the game good and let stuff unlock as you play without having to focus on a task and the game will have longevity as did BF4. I still haven't unlocked everything in BF4 but I never had to TRY to unlock something. It just happened as I was playing the game.

A lot of folks are complaining about the lack of private servers ATM and while I would love to have a TAC server I look at the clusterfuck that was the BF1 RSP and as long as when they roll out servers they are decent and take into account the things we said were minimum requirements I am willing to wait. I think the main issue with the BF1 servers was that they rushed out the server platform and promised a bunch of features "SOON™" that they never really were able to deliver on and were not able to fix glaring bugs or the lack of features. Lets hope they continue with the current mindset of listening to their customers and the core audience as catering to the casual player didn't work out too well for them last time.

Now all I need to do is figure out which stocks to buy haha.


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Digital Sales for BFV = 1.9 million
Physical Sales for BFV = 1.4 Million
total sales for BFV = 3.3 Million
This does not count the subscription service

The "Soon" motto has gotten EA Killed for it.
I gave up on EA fixing RSP a year after BF1 launched. I really do not expect it in BFV.
EA has already said RSP goes against their current ideas.
They want you to buy the game for $60 and then Spend another $60 on in game purchases.
Then they want you to buy a new game next year. Anther the year after that.
With RSP, players are more likely to stay on an older game and EA won't make money.

That is not my opinion but an EA fact of business model they are currently doing.

Here is how Battlefield V' first week sales compare to other games in the franchise:

Battlefield 3 - 4.68M
Battlefield 1 - 2.80M
Battlefield 4 - 2.72M
Battlefield: Hardline - 1.51M
Battlefield V - 1.40M
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 1.39M
Battlefield: Bad Company - 0.44M
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PC Gamer is also railing on the state of blockbuster games for PC. From Fallout to Battlefield V, their writers were not impressed with the AAA title offerings of 2018. More than one end of year article there has lamented the state of games released. Some called for a new year's resolution to stop preordering all games due to so much disappointment. Others are saying big launches may be held back by the impending console upgrades. The gist of what I got was that indie games paved the way to some of the best releases for 2018 while major publishers fell flat on new releases. The content cycles of established games (e.g., R6SIEGE) kept some gamers busy and oblivious to the other crap that got released. Granted, their take is on PC games only, so some of the bitterness came from late PC ports or no ports at all.

I'm hoping 2019 brings us some good hits, but even the games we indulged in 2018 didn't fully hit the mark. Far Cry 5's pvp was a train wreck. WW3 suffered launch woes that they are trying to recover from. Battlefield V has seen its share of controversy with TTK changes and lack of community support. I'm hoping the latter two implement significant community support in 2019, but we will probably have to keep our eyes open for the next big game too.


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Well to be fair Axle DICE did say they wanted the RSP for BF V to be quality and what people wanted. By this statement I am assuming that its a go but we shall see. Honestly the Public servers really aint that bad this go around.


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EA and DICE both say a lot of things. It is the delivery that is lacking. Empty promises don't mean much and count for less.

Like I said, once they deliver, I will give it 1 month, then and only then will I decide to buy.

At the place they are going in 6 months EA may be paying players to get BFV. They can't seem to give it away at half off now.
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