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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Tips and Tricks
  • Access secure room/building doors by picking up dead bad guys and walking them through the doors (they have authorization on their person) [discovered by Bones]
  • Once you enter a "secured" building (using the technique listed above), there are lots of pickups inside (the good stuff)
  • When "Fast-Traveling" all you need to do is "Left mouse click" and "Hold" (you do not have to use the "F" key) [discovered by me]
  • Gas grenades work really well [discovered by me] :alien:
  • Skill Points are available at all Behemoth locations (and others)
  • Double-click "Spacebar" to use "Prone Camo" (single click will not work)
  • If you use "Prone Camo" and get all muddy, go for a swim in the river, dive down (Hold "Crouch" key down to go underwater), and you will come out clean and wet.
  • To change your class, set up a Bivouac and select "Tactics" in the lower menu. Simply click the class you want to change to.
  • When you are in the "Skills" menu, left-click your mouse and hold, and drag the screen around to the desired skill you are trying to unlock
  • Launch your drone > take it to the highest altitude > move the drone forward toward any bivouac in the distance > roll your mouse wheel forward and zoom in as far as your drone can reach and point towards the distant bivouac smoke locations. This will mark unvisited bivouacs from a great distance without having to actually visit them, which will then add it to your map. Obtaining the appropriate Recon Skills will further enhance this ability.
  • If your game looks kind of "chalky", go to Settings > Video > Image Calibration and change the brightness down to the desired look. I have mine set to 45, for example, and the game looks great! (see picture below)
If you have any other tips or tricks you might have discovered during your travels, please add them here...

A picture I took with my in-game Polaroid camera. 📷 :)

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