Music New Tune Learned Last Night


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I've been sick since the Thursday before Christmas so I haven't touched an instrument or anything since that time. Finally got feeling well enough to play some this weekend and last night despite still having a hacking cough, which makes playing quite challenging. Got this one nailed in a couple of passes. Once it starts warming up a tad I will be starting phase one of the garage remodel with will see a true HVAC system installed as well as replacing all the old flourecent fixtures with LEDs to cut noise and setting up baffles for better accoustics and getting the audio / video recording stuff set up and working like it should. At that point I can start sharing actual play throughs. Looking at starting a site devoted to local bands kind of a talk show with a couple of songs I sit in with them on. Think Darryls House without Darryl and little to no production budget.
Anyway the tuneage ...
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