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Of all the videos DICE has produced for Battlefield V, this is the single best video to watch. It explores all the facets of the game, and gives us an insight as to what we can expect during the release and beyond. It gives you a visual glimpse of how the game will look, feel and play. So, if you get a chance, I highly recommend you take a few minutes and watch the video.

We hope to recruit new members for the game, but more on that subject later. We are at a crossroads at the moment, but remember, we have always been primarily a Battlefield clan, and The Armory will remain one. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.




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Ya know with all the stuff not making it to live at launch normally I would be a no go on this but with the time I got to play in the betas and with these trailers I am really looking forwards to this. I do hope the lack of servers at launch means that they are building a server software that does what we want before they release it.
IMHO they should have two teams doing this. One for the game and one, headed by the guy who built the BF4 stuff, that focuses on creating a really good full featured server software with a server browser that just works.

One can hope.


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The guy (Geoff Green) who built the server software STUFF, works for DICE as an engineer
Yeah I know, well didnt know his real name, but thats why I said he should be in charge of the server stuff. I mean he wrote Procon FFS why would he NOT be in charge of server crafting as he already knows what people want/need.

Geez its that Rogue guy again... hahahahaha.


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Have they showed any of the gameplay yet, how's the squad structure? Please tell me they took a step back and went back to the way BF2/2142 was...
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