TU16.1 Hotfix Patch Notes and Maintenance - Thursday, October 11th


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Hello Ghosts,

We have an update on the Operations & Maintenance hotfix announced last week. We will be implementing the hotfix tomorrow Thursday, October 11th at 7 AM UTC / 3 AM EST during a three-hour maintenance.

The following fixes will be live following maintenance completion:

• Fixed a bug that caused the weapon attachments to appear locked when they were previously unlocked
• Fixed a bug that caused the LVOA extended 30 round magazine attachment to be misplaced at the stock of the weapon
• Fixed an issue where players did not receive the correct 3000 Prestige credit reward upon reaching Tier 1
• Fixed a bug where the Shift Short Angled Grip appeared to be floating when attached to the U100 LMG
• Fixed a bug where the U100 light machine gun had a different suppressor in the loadout and in-game, than the one that appears in the gunsmith
• Fixed a bug that caused no sound to be present when using PSG-1 Sniper
• Fixed a bug that caused low or no sound from LMGs in Ghost War
• Fixed a bug where the Crye 2 Shirt clipped through character’s left arm when equipped
• Fixed a bug Female Sniper JPC in Coyote Brown has purple-textured bullets
• Adjusted AOR 2 camo pattern direction and brightness for better accuracy

We really appreciate your patience as we’ve continued to work hard on polishing these fixes.

We will continue investigating the bugs present on the current Known Issues list. Please check there if you are unsure of the status of a bug or contact our Customer Support team to report any issue you are experiencing.

Thank you, Ghosts.
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