Ubisoft steps up Rainbow 6 Siege anti-cheat efforts


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Ubisoft has been busy working on combating cheaters, so they have posted an article discussing their efforts towards curbing the cheats found in Rainbow 6 Siege. Here is what they had to say...

"Our next steps to combat cheating has been a priority in both the community and on the development team as of late. As such, we have been working towards the implementation of a few different tactics to bolster our anti-cheat.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have increased our internal penetration testing efforts. This will allow us to discover more weak points in our architecture and correct them prior to their exploitation by cheat makers.

Today, we have deployed a hotfix to address one of the hacks that has popped up recently. We have improved our process in a way that allows us to deploy hotfixes on PC once we have a validated hack fix available.

Beginning the week of July 16th, we will initiate the first ban wave for players that have been boosted by cheaters. Based on our data, this will impact approximately 600 accounts globally. As a reminder, being boosted by cheaters is a bannable offense under the Code of Conduct, found here."

Read the entire article here...

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Wow, nice. I hope they bring the same zeal to their other products as well. Anti-cheat is so important to a viable pvp experience. I'm glad they are also going after the "clean" folks trying to ride on the coattails of known cheaters. Even better news (in the full article) is the efforts to negate the impact of cheaters on your stats when they get banned. I think that will play a huge role in undermining the reason for cheating for at least the troll type. Get caught and you're erased from having mattered (at least in the stats).


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I'm guessing they have checked to see if the "clean" folks actually know the cheater is running cheats somehow. I'm all for nuking cheaters from orbit but I would be effin pissed if they nuked my account because of something some did when I was in a group with the via automatch.


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Given they are only nuking 600 boosted players on this first ban wave, the criteria must be pretty specific. I'd wager they are looking at folks consistently running with the same cheaters and who are getting more than a modest bump from their colleague. Depending on the cheater, I'm sure many try to keep it under the radar lest they face shaming from their friends and fans. Sadly, I think with some, they are going to have to go the legal route to slow things down. You're going to think twice if one possible outcome is an injunction banning you from internet gaming with a financial penalty.
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