VoiceAttack (Gator tested and approved)


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Mar 8, 2003
Atlanta, GA
@TomC told me about this program that allows you to use voice commands to execute many in-game functions.
I created a Star Citizen profile for myself, and it works absolutely fantastic.

If you are interested, you can download a free trial here (NOTE: Click on the big floppy disk to download)
The free trail allows you to create one profile with up to 20 commands, but if you decide to purchase it it is only $10 and is well worth the money.

Attached is my Star Citizen profile you can use (import) and change as needed. Some of the Keyboard keys were missing in the key bindings, so you may have to add them.

P.S. I have also added a printable PDF file so you can see the printed keys and voice commands



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Sep 26, 2016
Darlington, SC
I was looking around on steam but couldnt find where they had voice packs for sale. Is this something that you have to get someplace else like the Custom DCLs I use with Rocksmith?
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