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FarCry 5 Title 6 Update Patch Notes
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It looks like FarCry 5 is not headed in the right direction for its ongoing Title updates. Glaring issues remain with the end game content that make continuing to play a challenge. Specifically, the damage model in FarCry Arcade is still busted and now Ubisoft has abandoned map picking in public lobbies. That's right, custom maps are private lobby only now. Lots of protests in the forums about this one. The patch notes are linked below.

Given the disinterest in this game, I'm...
FarCry 5 Title 5 Update Patch Notes
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Not a whole lot of changes here. Mostly bug fixes and cosmetic adds (masks). They also tweaked a few things in PVP but the main issues still remain.


1. New Addition
  • Added the option to re-do the character creation process from the Avatar Customization menu
  • Added support for Masks and Special Outfits in the Avatar Customization menu
2. Improved Accessibility
  • Subtitles turned on by default for...
Far Cry Arcade creates sub forum
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Hey all,

Ubisoft finally created a sub forum for Far Cry 5. It's not receiving a lot of attention yet, but the bitching has begun. Posts ranging from hacking complaints to horrible mechanics. It also looks like the pvp level reset might be related to going between campaign and arcade (good news is you get to keep the repeat rewards). I'll keep checking this new space to see if the arcade will get fixed. For now, our opinions of the mode seem to be shared...
New NVG mode limited to Season Pass
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Looks like the new NVG mode may be limited to the season pass right now. UbiKeeba confirmed that the Splinter Cell cosmetics aren't available separate from the Season Pass right now.
UbiKeeba also said she's passing on complaints from the community that the pass isn't separate from the cosmetics.

Does anyone have any images of the new NVG mode who bought the pass? Please share.

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