World War 3 Game Released Today

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There is already great buzz about the new modern warfare title "World War 3". A bunch of the guys have already purchased it, and will be playing the game tonight in TeamSpeak, so come and join them.

If you want to learn more about the game, visit their website Also, Jack Frags reviewed the game and talked about it extensively...

Medic Class in Battlefield V

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Source: EA/DICE
The Medic helps a squad survive and thrive. They keep teammates in the fight longer with rapid revives and health replenishing Medical Pouches. Although able to hold their own in combat with close to medium range weapons, the Medic's best weapon is the...

How to Specialize Battlefield 5 Weapons

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Source: EA/DICE
"Every weapon in Battlefield™ V has been created with a simple design philosophy. Weapons should all be balanced, uniquely different, fun to use, and give beginners and pros something to learn or master.

This goes for Specializations, too. If you haven’t heard of these, they’re a way to improve your primary weapons with various perks. By using your weapons in...

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