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Ok, I get into CS's server list (frikken finally!!!!!) and I find an unlocked server with 71 latency and 14 players on (max players is 16)I click connect and then what follows, happens:It will snap to that smaller screen that has the server name, ip, player list, etc. and that screen only stays there for a millisecond before it snaps back to the server list screen. I clicked connect again and the same thing happens.What's going on here?P.Sit's amazing. I installed Steam and got into the CS server list without a single error...hmm...but it did take a long time to load CS.
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Since this is the 'Offical Steam Question' thread, I'll ask another questionI'm having a problem with Steam now.I got the update for DoD and joined a server. I selected Axis and it suddenly froze with a somewhat dark view of the field point on dod_flash. I tried alt-ctrl-delete and it didn't work, I tryed esc and it didn't work, and I tryed to alt-tab out and that didn't work, so I clicked the restart button on my computer. So when my computer is loaded up again, I click on Steam and it says:'This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut downIf the problem presists, contact the program vendor'This happens everytime I click on it.I've tried proparly restarting my computer and it still gives me that.I know it says contact the program vendor but that's fileplanet and I've tried e-mail them and I get no response
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