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STEAM causeing crosshairs to be Blurry in FA


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I know that I'm not the only one having this problem with steam, I was on the HK(STEAM) clan server today and it was my first time trying FA on steam.I asked around if anyone else was having problems with Crosshairs being Blurred, it seems that everyone playing was having a problem.I tried going through every command I knew, and testing every video setting. Nothing seemed to remove the Blur from my crosshairs.I tried 4 different sets of Crosshairs, "Standard 2.7" "D'sShooters" "Dex's crosshairs" and a set that I got from 3NF.Nothing helped.This problem is not only for NON-scoped crosshairs, but for scopes x-hairs as well.Its almost an antialiasing effect on the sprite, making each pixel x4.Anyone have a solution?
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hey, I need some serious input here guys.Since Firearms Forums are down, its been really frustrating trying to figure this out.the Steam Forums are less than welcoming to non-cs mods, cause all the jerks that psot ther are from the CS community, and could care less about FA or how to help fix it. As long as CS is working fine they don't care.So here is waht I've tried1. tried all Video modes (d3d, openGL, software) Software actually doesn't mess up the crosshairs, but software isn't playable cause its so damn slow n ugly.2. tried fresh installs or both steam and FA.3. used 5 different Crosshair packs, ending with same result.4. tried different HL settings that might adjust the way sprites are processed, only luck was with a command (gl_spriteblend 1, 0) this only removes the dark overtones that are added to all sprites with Steam.5. Cried and screamed at my Computer and learned to hate Steam.That about sums it up.Some ppl have a problem with steam causing blurry Crosshairs, some ppl don't. But it seems as though there are alot more ppl that do.When I was testing my Crosshairs on (old pre Steam) FA, I noticed that in OpenGL the sprites would look nice and clean, under Direct3d they would be slightly darkened and blurred just like they're doing in steam. Its almost as though sprites are being processed in direct3d, and the rest of the game is being rendered in openGL. IN (Pre-Steam) FA and HL i remember a setting in Video options where you set gamma, there was a setting [ ] Draw faster Software Sprites.This setting does not exist for Steam.I'm really boggled as I'm sure taht alot of you guys are.It's going to be really hard to compete in CAL with BLurry inaccurate Crosshairs, Scoped crosshairs and all sprites in general are being blurred.
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