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-Gen.Wellsy]Yeah i once downloaded 8 different songs from the same group and they all sounded teh same :shock:


Kazaa suxorz so i changed to winmx, its abit slower but its more effectice if ya know what i mean :D . Also it doesnt have spyware

i know i got the same with aerosmith - crazy i have download it... 20.. no.. 30.. too many time and i have always this stupid poor song in the mp3.
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Uh, yes it is the RIAA that's doing that. Them and their affiliates are modding the music files so-to speak in an effort to reduce downloads. It's annoying but it's what they do. From what I know it only affects KaZaA (lite) and Morpheus 'cause they're the most popular programs.
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when u want to play a song clic right then clic on "open with" and "choose the program" select Kazaa (if it isn't in the list then take it with "browse") and check the check bow "always used this program for open this type of file. and now clic okNormally your song will continue now to play with Kazaa
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