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Dialup and Steam, the 2 dont go together


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See, before, dialup was just fine for me to play FA 2.7My ping wasn't the best, but I could actually see myself moveNow, I have Steam and my latency is always 1000+, and why does this happen?HLSW shows my ping as around 200, but why does FA lag so much?I can't even see myself move.Is there any solution to this madness other than getting cable?
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Ok cyan, i know the answer.I have 56k too. Since we don't have a fast inter net connection we tend to take longer to download stuff.DID YOU KNOW THAT.... Steam always trys to update Half-Life WHILE you have it on!Solution:-Open Steam-Open you Games list-Right-Click on Half-Life-Select Properties-In Properties, there is a drop down menu named "Automatic Updates"-From that menu select, "Do not automaticly update this game"-Hit the Close button at the bottomthere you go.Now, somthimes it will change back. Just do that again. You should probably do that to all the games that have a "Properties" menu. (Firearms doen't have one)Just check it once in a while.
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