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Ok getting a little tired of this!!!!!


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Ok I've installed steam 1 time It screwed up so I reinstalled it and now 2 things keep happeningWhen I double click on firearms in my thirdparty games it starts it up then i click on servers and it says none to be found so i thought that i would go to favorites and manually enter in the TA server's ip and port numberwell that didnt work and i tried clicking refresh and that still didnt workThe second thing that is really irritating me is that Before I had the above problem I would load into a server and be able to play for like 2 or 3 minutes then it kicks me. This is the second time this has happened to me and it confuses me because right after I install steam and fa i'm able to play the first maybe 1 or 2 times and it will not do this but after that it just loads me in then boots me out to the loading game screenI'm really getting tired of this and am about to start writing complaint emails to steams developers over on the steam forumsthanks for the help
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in the last couple of days i've been booted from games as well eventhough it ran perfectlz the hours before and sometimes during gameplay everthings just freezes, sound, picture everything and i have to close everthing.and of course error47 sometimes occures. i usally close steam than and try it again and it goes!!!but i can fell ya bro,frustration sometimes is getting big!!!
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