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Who has the best Spam? Contest


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Deadeye mentioned it... now I'm putting fuel into it.Let's see who has the best Spam in the Armory. Right now: start a contest to see.Let's give it a two week deadline. Starting today, and ending on December 10th. Post your best toons, however you want to. The only rules:1) The cartoon has to do with Firearms. Duh.2) Let's be fair and make this a cartoon battle. The toon -can- include a real picture, but only as a piece of the picture. The majority must be hand-made, either drawn & scanned or made on computer. 3) Including other TA Members in the toon is allowed, but they cannot be shown in a negative light. 4) Only one cartoon entry per person.And at the deadline, I will post a thread with a poll -- to let you all decide who won!That's it. Let's see what you all got!!!
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You do seem pretty green, so let me help you out.


You can access the Firearms gallery and upload your images into the Misc. catergory. Then, simply get the link to your picture and past it using the and tags.


So, to post a pic, you'd put something like this in your post:




Also, to read the spam files, simply search "Spam" in the forums, and anything written by yours truly is probably a Spam cartoon.

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Yes, that window will remain up for quite a while (until you close it yourself). It should still upload the file.


And when you post the URL, make sure to put it in the %7Boption%7D brackets. To get your pic's URL, open it in the gallery, right click it, and select properties. The location should have the URL. That's what you place inside the %7Boption%7D tags.

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