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look here to get over 100 fps in game!!! Real


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the funny thing about FPS.. over 100 is pointless, because your eye won't notice anything over I believe 70 FPS so in otherwords you're just basically overworking your hardware.

actually, that's an exaggeration based on a myth based in fact.

on AVERAGE, the human eye can't differentiate above 60fps. however, gamers are not average, especially First-Person-Shooter Gamers. The physical limitation of the human eye/brain is around 750fps. so it is possible (however improbable) for someone to tell the difference between 100 and 120.


[i[(source: Wired Magazine, www.wired.com, some time late last year)

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Yeah, people can tell differences in fps, but most people can't tell the difference between 90 and 190... I can't really tell the difference between 85 (on my old comp at home) and 100 (my new comp). It's handy though because the framerate is higher, therefore more info is sent to my comp (good for climbing up walls) :LOL: 8) :roll: It's also good when my Vid card starts to get worked (it's a 64MB GF4 MX) because although I get a drop in fps, it only drops to about 60, which isn't too bad.anything above 100 fps is kinda of useless... IMO... :arrow:
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