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For those who use Winamp....


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-EniGma]Im using it....But its hard 2 play with music from the speakers...


See Ya

i put my WinAmp volume at 25%, and my HL at 75% volume. I have a script I can share that'll let you quickly change the Volume in-game, and with the Winamp Hotkeys you can change that, too. You just have to find the right volume mix!
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Winamp 5... I tried Winamp 3 when it first came out. To prove how slow my computer is: I can barely run Winamp 3 by itself, let alone with an Internet Explorer or word processor opened, also. Hence why I have so much trouble playing Firearms and Counter-Strike. Oh well, X-Mas is near, and perhaps things will change then. If not, I'll just have to stick to Spamming on the forums.
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