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Is Bane and Kywalker the same person???


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There is unrest in the Galaxy...


I noticed some folks think I am Kywalker. Well... no.


To prove those close-minded rebels wrong, I gathered some well known facts about both of us. Here's the top ten:


FACT # 10[


Kywalker - born 1982


Bane - born 1979


FACT # 9


K - 5'7"


B - 6'0"


FACT # 8


K - currently studies at Warsaw University of Technology


B - currently tries to graduate from Warsaw University (Management major)


FACT # 7


K - knows http, flash, java and all that stuff (created the TK421 website)


B - knows HWDP, Flash Gordon and Jabba


FACT # 6


K - bigtime manga & anime fan


B - uh.. sushi?


FACT # 5


K - learns japanese on his own


B - uh.. sushi?


FACT # 4


K - obsessed with Star Wars! Die you rebel, die!!! My lightsaber is bigger than yours!!!


B - likes Star Wars


FACT # 3


K - smartass


B - smartass


FACT # 2


K - top rank on TA: 2


B - top rank on TA: 29


FACT # 1


K - wears spinny hats :LOL:


B - wears Jimmy Hats :LOL:


And finally, for all of you who are STILL unconvinced (and shall burn in hell), here are the photos of KY and me.










Ta-da! Can I go play FA now?

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I am also NOT Kywalker, if anyone gets oversuspicious. Don't want to copy B a n e 's ideas and write 10 differences or something (it would come that I'm pretty different, though, including the picture), so just trust my word, would you? :LOL:


And stop making fun of Ky! Everyone knows the true DORK is tfen!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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We also had different wonIDs. I dont have STEAMingpileof...., so you can even say we have different STEAM.................IDs.

Where am i? Go to our webpage TK421 and check one of the latest news.


Ale co mnie martwi to skad Bane wie, ze mam 5.7'? Azi, czy to twoja wina? I ile to jest? Bo jak robicie ze mnie pigmeja, to zatluke...

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-Macgyver]Well what he said?

Ale co mnie martwi to skad Bane wie, ze mam 5.7'?


Azi, czy to twoja wina? I ile to jest? Bo jak robicie ze mnie pigmeja, to zatluke...

He said: But what worries me is how does Bane know I'm 5'7? Azi, is that your fault? And how much is it? Coz if you guys are making a pigmy out of me, I'll beat you senseless...

Well, I have my sources, Kywalker, and FYI - 5'7" is about 170 cm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's about as tall as you are.


-Macgyver]People stop by and check out TK421's website.


it is very well done.

It's about time someone noticed :LOL: Azi and me tossed in a few details to the concept, but the general idea and website creation is 100% Kywalker's work. He ain't your regular Stormtrooper cannon fodder, no siree. That's why we wait impatiently for his return. Plus, TK421 is nowhere near the top ten clans in the stats :LOL:
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