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Lagged Mouse


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I have a problem with my games. It's been happening for awhile now, and I'd like it to be fixed. Whenever I go into games (BF1942, Wolfenstien, etc) my mouse is laggy. This used to happen to FA, but I turned off something/did something and now its fine. Computer stats:1.4GhZ 512MB RAM40BG HDGeforce2 64MB versionSo if you can help me out, that would be great. P.S. I have tried other mice, its the computers problem, not the mouse.
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Something is accessing your HD while you are playing games is one likely scenario.Make sure you have nothing running in the background.Remember that while online gaming you need to turn off all programs no matter how insignificant.Let me know if it works.If not then I will need a lot more than you gave me as far as equipment, operating system. I need it all.
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