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Tired of Whiners and "Hackers" on The Armoury?


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There's a few things you can do to make Firearms more fun for you, if the whining and, quote, hacking, endquote, are getting to you.




--Turn off Text Speech


----Bring down your console


----Type "hud_saytext_time 0"


--Turn off Voice Speech


----Hit your console button


----Click on "Options"


----Go to the "Voice" tab


----Turn down the voice receive volume.


--Or just go to another server.


As for "Hacking", here's my piece: 100% headshots does NOT a hacker make. The best Firearms players in the community make nothing but headshots. This does not mean they cheat, just that they are better than you. Suck it up, man, and practice more. On the other hand, suspicious behaviour, while not always a sole detail pointing at hackers, is a much better give-away than constant headshots.


Let's say that an enemy is shooting at one of your friends, and you're sneaking up on the Tango's three-o'clock. Before killing your friend, the enemy SUDDENLY AND AUTOMATICALLY aims right at you, mid-fire. This is due to "POV Aiming" and "Distance Aiming". If the hacker sets his Point of Vision to >90 degrees, and sets the program to aim at the CLOSEST enemy, a situation as I've just described will invariably happen.


Now let's say the enemy has a machine gun, camping in one spot that you have to go through. He's killed three or four of your friends in a row, not only quickly in succession, but quickly after they've rounded the corner. One could argue that the MG is pointing in just the right spot, however, you crouch, and creep your way to his location, making no noise on the way. A small, tiny, fraction of a second before you round the corner, he pops off his first shot, and just as you see him, he blows your head off with two more bullets. This is, more than likely, a wallhack of sorts. Some wallhacks allow you to see through walls, while some only show a box where the player's body is centered. He sees you coming, anticipates too quickly, and destroys you before you know what's happening. Combined with "Auto-Aim", "Lock-on Aiming" and "Auto-Fire", this particular situation can be very frustrating -- but also very visible!


And a small note: Most aimbot programs are intended for use with Counter-Strike. CS does not have prone player-models, and as such, most Aimbots cannot shoot players on the ground. (However, DoD has brought Prone into the spotlight, as it were) If a player who has acted suspicious is attempting to shoot at you while you're prone, and missing 95% of the shots, it may not just be "Mouse Lag" that's hurting him!




The proper procedure for calling a hacker's bluff is not the ever-popular "OMG HACKER WTF!!!!!!!11one" that has occured too-frequently on this and other servers as of late. What you should do is take screenshots, take down the player's STEAMID number, and start a demo (all three of which I'll be happy to teach anybody). Do not follow the player around, do not switch teams with or against the player. It's the admins' job to keep the server cheater-free, not yours. Any demos and screenshots can be sent to info@fa-thearmory.net, and all admins will receive your email. Be sure to include time, date, and corroborating evidence.

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you can limit the amount of spectators as much as u like to help conserve usage.it basically lets you watch all players on a server from any angle you liketakes up 1 slot on a serveralso when you record a demo from within hltv...you get access to all the players from all views. hltv>all.ever wondered how amazing shots are pulled off? with hltv you will see.do a trial run see how the server handles it?
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