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Miyamoto Musashi

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I dont know, when this virus apearred, but its extremely lethal and works regardless of infected computer or operation system. It is easily recognizible and becouse of message it displays its been named 'Albanian Virus' or 'Manual Virus'.The reason it is so dangerous is becouse it exploits the most flawed part of any computer: its user.The way it starts working is by displaying this message on screen:"Hello! I am Albanian Virus, but becouse my country of origin is technological backwater, i cant do a thing. So please delete some important file from your computer and send me further. Thank You!"The rest is up to user... to delete something like kernel. :idea:
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Yes, this thing does exist, but is somewhat different actually ;) You receive an e-mail where Albanian hackers explain that they want to write a virus but because of lack of expertise they can't. So they are politely asking you to send this e-mail to as many people as you can and then reformat you hard disk. :mrgreen:
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