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Another good game, another story.


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Sd_Force: Red Force's Last Stand?By Sharpshooter6 The map was sd_force and reinforcement counts were identical for both teams - about 25. I had joined Red Force, and managed to attain the rank of Captain, devastating the enemy with my AK47, a few fragmentation grenades, and a claymore. Yet, Blue wielded a veteran force, keeping our advances in check with over whelming counter assaults and sporadic sniper fire. A Blue assault broke through our primary lines and spread out, successfully dividing our team. From there, small skirmishes erupted, killing many lone red soldiers. This last Blue offensive broke Red Force, sending the Red soldiers into confusion and disarray. They advanced quickly, taking the streets and destroying any form of resistance Red could scrape up. Now Blue had the superior amount of reinforcements, and with this they could conquer the rest of the map. Unless Red could muster up some kind of counter offensive soon, they would ultimately be destroyed. But this never happened, Blue had effectively destroyed Red Force's cohesion, thus extinguishing any Red hope of victory. A general retreat was called as the Blue forces started to emerge near the outskirts of the Red Base. I just had respawned and made my way past the retreating Red soldiers. I made my way out to the ammo box outside Red Base, and set guard for the retreating soldiers. Blue forces were rushing amidst our retreating soldiers, killing them before they could make it to the safety of the base. Frag grenades explode everywhere, with bullets tearing into the walls around everyone. I called for the last of the Red defenders to take cover in the base but sadly a group of red soldiers were too busy up above in the balcony to have heard the final retreat. As soon as the last red soldiers ran past me, covered by my automatic suppression fire, I jumped up and ran to the base. The group of reds in the balcony were viciously slaughtered as the Blue forces swept through the area of our last retreat. The blood of our fallen comrades stained the final retreat location, a price paid for the remaining reds to be able to take safety in the base. When I entered the confines of our base, I grabbed a magazine from the ammo box and then rushed up the stairwell. Only about seven of us remained, badly injured and weary from the retreat. Blue surrounded the base, and with no way out, all we could do was wait for the inevitable Blue attack. Our desperate situation took resemblance to the Alamo - a demoralizing thought since most, if not all of the Americans, died there. After a few minutes, a few preliminary attacks, mostly for reconnaissance, were conducted by Blue. We beat these small attacks off, though at the cost of three Red soldiers, who were at the bottom of the stairwell. Now only four of us remained and we were dangerously low on ammunition - making our chances of surviving the next attack, surely to be a big one, even slimmer. Two reds took position on an open platform, near the entrance leading down the stairwell. I laid down at the farthest room, my rifle pointed at the stairwell guarded by the two reds. The fourth red crouched farther ahead of me, in the last corridor leading to my position. Listening, I heard the Blue Force start their attack with the sounds of their footsteps eerily growing louder. The two reds open up on the leading assaulters, instantly killing the first blue but the rest of the attack force over powered the two. They came running past the two fallen reds and then right into the soldier ahead of me, who miraculously killed the majority of them. Though he put up a great fight, the red soldier ahead of me fell under the blue attack. When the remnants of the blue attack appeared, I emptied a full magazine, killing all of them - but not before they could inflict considerable damage to me. I was the only one left, with only two magazines, a claymore, nearly depleted armor, and about twenty-five health. Frankly, things looked bad. Instead of sitting there and hoping they would forget about me, I ran to the stair well. Finding a dark place, I placed my claymore and set it on trip, thinking it might surprise the next attack. I tossed my empty magazine, reloaded a fresh one, and then took position back in my old spot. If I was going to die, I was going down with a few blues I thought. A minute passed and then the haunting sounds of the blue force's footsteps alerted me to the attack. I listened as they came bursting through the door way, and then up into the stair well. My AK-47 was pointed at the door way, waiting for the first soldier to coming running out. To my surprise, and apparently their's, the leading blue soldier tripped the claymore, instantly killing the first two and wounding several others. The explosion ripped through the stair well, signaling that the blue force was at the top of the stair well. My rifle continued to point in the direction of the stairwell, still waiting for the oncoming blue. My guess was that the wounded blue soldiers were bandaging up before they attacked because a several seconds passed before the blue rushed out. Two came running out of the stairwell, and I fired an accurate burst, killing one before I could return a shot. The other made his way around the corner and down the corridor, all the way firing his weapon very inaccurately. I sent the remnants of my magazine into his chest, bringing him down at my feet. I loaded the last clip and chambered the first round, waiting for the last of the attack - and then my inevitable death. A burst of automatic gunfire erupted from the shadowy entrance to the stairwell, indicated by the flash emitted by the gun - showing the blue soldier crouched at the edge of the entrance. I raised my rifle but before I could return fire, several bullets tore into my chest, right through my damaged armor. I fell to the ground and watched as my vision started to fade. My rifle slipped out of my grasp, and I could make out the sounds of the blue soldiers footsteps as they emerged from the stairwell. My heartbeat grew faint and then... Red Forces fought valiantly and heroically but in the end, the Blue Force arose victorious. They captured the heavily blood stained and corpse strewn town, and then marched on presumably to the next town - where Red and Blue forces were bound to engage in battle yet again.
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Thats an awesome story, you should be some sort of combat correspondent. It reminded me of the time i was a blue on upham....The reinforcements were like so- Red:68 or so Blue: 6. Under the command on E_norm_ous the blues fought back to take the lead in the reinforcements. Then the reds started to camp their base (this was expected) We blues rushed the base, many of us dying (including me) and leaving the reins with 0-0 and only about 7 players overall. Finally the reds had us on the ropes, enigma the only one left. And of course, him being in TA, he won it in a 1-5 battle. Those were some good times
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