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Vid Card Install.


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To remove it:1. Unhook your tower (it'd better be a tower, say yes damn it!)2. Open it up, may variy on how to, consult manual3. You can either have a static bracelet, or just touch the metal part of the case, CAREFUL static shock can damage the card4. Remove the card, if it's AGP (black or brown and short) you should see a good sized card in the lower left near the top into a slot that looks different than the pci (white) ones.5. There might be a realse near the back of the card, if there is you pull it back toward the buttom of the case, and similtaneously pull the card up and out.6. Put the other one in, make sure it's all the way in.7. Put old one in static protective wrapper the new one came in8. Close up, hook everything up, and it should auto detect it.9. You should then have a disc to install the drivers from10. Check website for updatesNote: It will variy if your cards integrated with the board, in which case I look at you in shame. You can just get a pci card which is a ripoff.
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