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New to XP...now throw Steam into the mix...


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Hullo y'all (please bare with me, this will be kinda long, but I want to include everything I did)

Just recently, I got my wopping new 80gb HD and WindowsXP Home Edition.

I started right away by installing the Steam Full Installer as found here>



Once that was finished downloading, i installed it into my new HD, then Cut my OLD Steam folder (which was on a diff. drive) and overwrited the new one, hoping that that would put all my mods and such back into the Steam without having to download the individual installers and reinstalling them

When i went into the Games tab in Steam, I found that all the games (Cs, TFC, DoD, etc.) were all faded slightly. I tried clicking on CS and it said:


Counter-Strike will use (insert some number above 100)mb on disk.

Steam will now acquire (download) all of the required content.


Ok, whatever, i let it download stuff. It restarts, and I click on Counter-Strike again. It says it was Updating Counter-Strike. I could select Cancel, or put a checkmark in a box that said something like 'Begin playing once update has completed'

It updated for about 11 minutes.


I did the exact same thing (select game, download, update, start over) for Day of Defeat and Half Life.


So after I finished updating those and stuff, I then noticed that there was no Third Party Mods section below the orignal games. Bah...so I download 2.8 Firearms update and Hostile Intent 1.0a and install them. They both appear in Third Party Mods.

Good :p


So, then i feel like a game of CS. I select my fav server and try to join.

It then says something like 'This video type is not supported...Steam will now switch to Software mode' and then it starts my game. I go into options and try to select OpenGL, but I try to join a server and it says the same thing as above. So I just said 'screw it' and selected the third option, D3D. I joined the server and everything was screwed up. There were these massive cracks appearing in the map, people teleported everywhere, and my gun would only shoot like 1 bullet every 15 seconds if I clicked the mouse button alot. I noticed that my ping was in the late 500s, but I always get around 70 ping in that server.


I really don't know what to do. How can I fix this? I have 384 ram, a GforceFX5200


Currently, I'm getting the new drivers, because I just thought that maybe when I switched from Win.98 to XP, it deleted those drivers (I had to reinstall DirectX9b...soo...)

If this doesn't work, I'll reply to this

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