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Unwanted Toolbars


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You still cannot find the name of it?If you found its site then you kn0ow the name.Do a google search and find "Removal instructions for CrappyX toolbar"I have done this twice now for my Dad.It usually involves editing the registry and resetting your IE defaults then all is OK.
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Yeah, I had to delete the registry, but even then it just shows a blank and a checkmark with it.


I had to go to regedit, search for it, then delete the registry,but it still shows. VERY ANNOYING. If you think you can help me find a better solution, Mac, the toolbar is from www.lop.com, but please don't go there. It is bad to the fact that the uninstall contains a trojan, thank god for spybot S&D.


I'm going to restart, and if that works, i'll tell you.


Thanks for the help ;)

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