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DC .7?


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-UnwantedHero]there will be a DC .7 trust me...

and about Retail DC, EA asked them about that like way back when it first back populair and they turned it down

The only thing I like about EA is their Madden games. I've been a huge football fan all my life. (oh yeah and BF 1942)


However, it was EA that ruined Westwood Studios which made the Command and Conquer games.

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I have to agree with my British chap, Americans aren't the only ones there! ;) You know what would be real cool if we could get the whole world in on this. Mexico, Cuba, Canada (there is now a map for Canada in BF1942) Poland! I really wanna see some more urban maps around inner cities like Tikrit. I would love for Desert Combat to go retail, and like Mac says, "money talks." Selling out isn't bad ya know. :)
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Um, Westwood was crap BEFORE EA came along... Generals was the first CnC game I liked... the rest were horrible..... at least IMOAs for .7... just found at the DC home page... a cut and paste****Saturday, January 31, 2004posted by Frank DeLise at 4:38 PMDesertCombat .7For those of you wondering when DC will have an update to the menu issues from the recent 1.6 patch for Battlefield 1942, That fix will be part of the DesertCombat .7 Release slated for Friday the 6th of Febuary 2004.****Guess that answers that ;)
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