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It's my eleventy-first birthday! TRA-LA-DI-DU!


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Ok, the title was to attract attention to my overwhelming Steam problem.yea...I'm stupid...but so is Mars...so I'm not alone in the soup bowl... :roll: anyway...how's the kids?nevermindOk my problem...I recently installed Steam onto my new laptop, and I logged in using my E-mail address and password. Last night, a played a couple games of DoD and CS, and fou :arrow: nd it to be running fine. Horrah!But wait...there's more...this mor :arrow: ning, I attempting to go onto Steam and play a game of Fire :!: arms on my most favorite ser :arrow: ver of all frikken time. Ok, steam started up good, didn't even ask my to log in or anything. Clicked on servers, clicked on the Armory...loading...Invaild User SteamID ticket (or somewhere along those lines) holy crab bites batman!Ok...I know the problem...I head on over to m3h laptop and log off of Steam. I go back to my computer, restart steam, and try it again. Same problem.gah, how do I fix this problem????I don't want to uninstall Steam from the laptop because I'd like to be able to play games between my compus and my laptop. And even on the road. So what can I do?
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