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Back in the day, the reason I went BF instead of CoD was all the cheats that were rampant in CoD. At the time, BF had far fewer cheaters to ruin the fun but sadly both are full of them and the companies either dont listen to their customers about what they want in a game or push out broken unfinished products of sadly, both.

 Baldur's Gate 3 is getting a lot of praise right now because it is a polished game and worked as it should, I haven't heard of any bugs yet, right out of the box. Dev studios and publishers are all in an uproar because people praising the developers and making a big to do about the game and some are saying that this should be the standard of how a game is released. Well yeah it should be finished and work as intended right out of the box. We have to stop supporting half assed releases with promises to make it better in the future. with the costs of games almost doubling since the BF4 release and now IMHO we should be demanding that games just work when we get them.    

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