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TA members and admins PLZ READ


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This is what i posted on DoL forums yesterday after match:


Yeah..um..Im going to have to back up Dave(wellsy) on this as much as possible...SOME of you might h8 TA..might dispise TA..ya know whatever...I like em personally..I dont see the political side of disliking TA that you guys do...Yeah sometimes they pull some weird stuff..like restarting the map on GOLAN 2 Matches ago...but its a game..and we were on THEIR server...


Imagine if TA came to our server for a scrim..and TA-Macgyver said fuc off to one of us..I guarantee we'd ban them in a second(Meaning how Falcon said that to Mac)...Not to mention TA-Macgyver swore on open mic...he hasnt done that in over 2 years which I respect...But the fact of the matter is...DoL usually gets flamed for bad behavior....Its not the WHOLE clan its certain members..and instead of taking the heat(gens.) we're simply going to weed out the bad...and keep in the good


Now Im sure that there might be rumors that were making cuts and what not...NOt to worry..your active..ur fine..were just trying to limit the number of INACTIVE players(no names will be released)....as of now Falcon is gone...he resigned yesterday after match...So I'm taking his position in DoL hierarchy..and I think I've earned my way..Ifrit I WILL BACK UP ANY DOL MEMBER TO ANY CLAN...i draw the line when you start cursing at another clans leader on THEIR server...


Man0...your my man..but that was UNCALLED for...BTW mac didnt change the map...THE MAP AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES AFTER 30 MIN...




p.s. Either your in or you out...No room for half asses! The objective of this cut is to ESTABLISH a CLOSE related TEAM...not 37 guys who only 40% of them play everday




[DoL]-Gen. Reed-[$d]


[$d]=The Elite DoL $nipers






NEVER IN MY POST DID I EVER SAY ANTYING BAD ABOUT TA...What i meant by the macgyver ban thing was this...I can understand why he would want to ban falcon,ownage, and man0 considering how they were acting..NO TA IS BANNED FROM SERVER...well there is no more server considering the resignation of both DoL-Gen. Falcon..and DoL-Gen. Man0war...MACGYVER i understand what i said came out weird...but i was sympathizing with you..i understand completely how you felt...I would have banned falcon in a second if i was you...I have ALWAYS tried to be respectful and professional when dealing with you and the members of your clan..The DoL TA feud is ending NOW..


FALCON IS GONE...Manowar is GONE...Paluch cleaned up his act... NO other dol members have caused problems on your server to my knowledge..Im asking that DoL members be unbanned and that we can actually go back to being allies as TA is listed on DoL forums..


FACLON AND MAN0WAR are GONE...Its just us..the respectful ones... and manowar can kiss my ass if he thinks im sucking up to TA..im not going to go down because of two guys with hot heads..DoL is a good clan wether you think so or not.. Thats all I can say




Steve Pcsolar (Gen. Reed)

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Snowcrash IS NOT DoL..i mean jesus mac read the condump...ME and welllsy did everythin in our power to calm them down...READ IT..READ IT AGAIN...and after we switched to red force and I came on mic and said WE WOULD HANDLE THE DISRUPTIVE PLAYERS...then we get banned..i dont understand..i really dont-STeve
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The members of DoL that were out of hand have quit. All thats left of DoL is the respectful bunch. PLEASE! unban us. I cannot play FA without all my TA buddies, and im sure if you ask some of them (sharp, ripper, teladro, mystik, and many others) they will tell you that i am a good person, and most of DoL are good people.
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I know. I was just making funnies.Snowcrash was in DOL at one time right?You did do as much as you could. I know.Unfortunately you had some loose cannons and when things get back to normal....Please contact me via e-mail.Rememeber this is not personal.We want things to be decent and respectfiul between our clans.
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