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old crosshairs


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here are some of my old crosshairs, images and spr+weapon.txt zips can be found from each xhairs folder... just tried to put all together fast so if there are some files missing or something just let me know and ill fix it. Oh and just in case u dont already know, u should use vid_d3d "1" for these xhairs... well u should do that with all xhairs really :p It makes them sharp and unblurred... and doesnt make them fat like with spriteblend 0... works for openGL too so just vid_d3d 1 in console and sprites look like before steam :p






here are some images of those so u dont have to go and check the folders:


Rising Sun xhair in green and red:




Transparent scope xhairs in many different colors:




And this one is just plain red-white xhair with optimized visibility/accuracy:




For questions, post here or visit #ghosts at gamesnet.

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