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Movie perhaps wrong place to post? admins move at will


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Im looking at making a day of defeat movie (historical relevance will offset violence) but the trouble is, all the tutorials indicate that going about doing this will be a pain in the butt. I know how to record demos and movies and could easily learn to use windows movie maker and make HL movie files into .avi's but i still have some headaches i need help with. 1) sound, how do i get it? is there a software screen/audio capture device i can run in the background? Total Audio sounded good but i cant find a cracked version of it.2) I have adobe premier and could learn to use it if i had to but it sounds painful and i would like to keep the movie simple3) anything else i have missed, excluding size restraints, i can handle large uncompressed files
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nononono, u dont understand. I want to caputer video and audio from a HL game and use it to make a movie. As far i know, a combo of HL tools and video editing tools is the best way. However, the HL capture methods dont record sound i dont think and so i am looking for a way to get BOTH video AND audio from the game
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