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  1. The flight controls are based on six degrees of freedom, forward, vertical and lateral thrusters, and roll, pitch and yaw.
  2. The fleet carrier [TAC] New Hope is parked next to a platinum mining hotspot and buying at 249k credits/ton. Our home system has purchased platinum for even higher at one point in the past, hope it does it again.
  3. Following a peaceful election, the people of HIP 48248 have embraced The Armory Coalition who now control the mining outpost Tavernier Dock. The Armory assisted Natural HIP League and put down the Purple Pirates concluding their civil war.
  4. Congratulations, The Armory Coalition took control of Crown Hub! Excellent job commanders!
  5. https://inara.cz/cmdr/141898/ Here is my Xbox commander https://inara.cz/cmdr/329665/
  6. Same, I noticed the same problem when doing missions at Chakpa <----> Ochosi. I found that getting Imperial rank first was best, then using a fully kitted Imperial Cutter to do Federation missions at Canopus <----> Exphiay and just skip Chakpa and Ochosi.
  7. I believe the deadline to purchase this module at the reduced rate is fast approaching. After that, the cost of materials doubles. I suggest that anyone wanting this should work to acquire the materials for it this weekend. This module used in an un-engineered Diamondback Explorer will allow it to jump 50 Light Years. That will get someone from homeworld to Earth in just four jumps. Don't wait any longer to get this module!
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