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  1. sharp65

    Battlefield V - Trailer and Release Info

    Yea there's a big uproar over that and the trailer in general on twitter and the battlefield reddit. This was their general response.
  2. sharp65

    Battlefield V Appears on EA Play 2018 Banner

    I don't really care about RSP, I'll be pre-ordering.
  3. sharp65

    Rumor: Battlefield WWII Details Revealed in Massive New Leak

    I don't see any chance of that happening. Third party servers are a thing of the past. As long as it's not P2P I'm fine with it.
  4. sharp65

    New NVG mode limited to Season Pass

    It's kinda hard to show, but the first screenshot is toggled off and the second is toggled on at dusk.
  5. sharp65

    Weapons Buying 101

    If you bought the gold edition you already have some guns unlocked. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the category for the weapon type, that's where it was for me. The 50 cal sniper is incredibly powerful, especially if you add a silencer to it.
  6. sharp65

    Ubisoft Spring Sale

    Thew new assassins creed is very good, I'd recommend it if you don't already have it.
  7. sharp65

    Crash Update Incoming

    Just downloaded it, 145MB on steam.
  8. sharp65

    Update 4 -- Tomorrow!

    I took a quick look at some of the changes. The hostages on the updated institute were both moved closer to the center of the map in the central courtyard. You can pretty much see one from the other. They also moved one of the attacker spawn points parallel to the river and re positioned one of...
  9. sharp65

    15K :O

    That's a lot of revives. o_O
  10. sharp65

    Ubisoft Is Making The Division 2 (And Adding Updates To The First Division)

    I got the first division for free with my last graphics card and never installed it. Hopefully it turns out good and they learned from the rough start the first one had.
  11. sharp65

    Next battlefield title

    This should be fun.
  12. sharp65

    Starting Today: Ghost Recon Network Challenges (PVP and PVE)

    The lag switchers were out in full force yesterday.
  13. sharp65

    More From Your Late Night Crew

    That was a ridiculous run tonight. I think we only lost one match.
  14. sharp65

    Rare Disney EA meeting about SWBF2

    They just keep making things worse, this is what they "fixed" in a more recent patch. People are begging them to nerf it because it makes the game so unbalanced.
  15. sharp65

    Ghost War Title 4 Update Delayed

    Hopefully they put out more info soon, we really need a map cycle update. Worried about what they’re going to nerf next.
  16. sharp65

    Greetings TAC :)

    Welcome to the forums!
  17. sharp65

    EA confirms that Anthem is delayed until 2019

    They saw what’s going on with Destiny 2 and don’t want to end up in the same mess. Hopefully the extra time helps.
  18. sharp65

    Battlefield 1: Turning Tides DLC Released Today

    There were a bunch of time to kill (TTK) updates in this patch, interested to see how it plays. They made the LMG's take longer to scope in to try and nerf the run and gun with the big guns.
  19. sharp65


    Here's the page that shows the full list with the stuff you've opened marked.
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