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  1. bu11boy

    VR Vive

    VRchat seems very popular rn.
  2. bu11boy

    Here’s a Compilation of the Battlefield 2018 Leaked Info Known So Far

    they both sound interesting ww2 with real consummation, but bc3 will probably more my thing.
  3. bu11boy

    Sorry I Haven't gotten on yet

    feel better soon you two.
  4. bu11boy

    Community Check In!!!

    BF4 and PUBG
  5. bu11boy

    Netflix Bright | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    just finished seeing it, I think it was good.
  6. bu11boy

    CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    So true.
  7. bu11boy

    CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    1999 graphics
  8. bu11boy

    COD WW2 beta is live

    I played for 30sec and logged off.
  9. bu11boy

    COD WW2 beta is live

    Was wondering if you all were interested in playing some COD WW2, the beta is now open for PC.
  10. bu11boy

    Look at what I bought

    Don't be like that Axle, you're going to take Onrus but not me.
  11. bu11boy

    Mosin Nagant

    sandals and socks.................... get out.
  12. bu11boy

    Look at what I bought

    let me get a ride on the back Axlerod, I'll hold tightly. hahahaha
  13. bu11boy

    Guide to surround sound head phones

    I use Sennheiser HD 598SE and they seem to do a good job in pointing out where the sound is coming from.
  14. bu11boy

    breaking news SEPT11: Microsoft finally admits gaming performance problems with the Creator's update

    I don't have that "game" tab on my settings so I don't know if it affects me or not.
  15. bu11boy

    Image of the new desert map. (WIP)

    looks good 
  16. bu11boy

    How fast is your reaction time?

    I got 135
  17. bu11boy

    Video: Anthem Official Gameplay

    You can rate the video here:  Anthem Official Gameplay  
  18. bu11boy

    CoD WWII Multiplayer Gameplay

     They most likely won't have rentable servers.
  19. bu11boy

    EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB SC+ - $100 shipped

    they had the 980 ti for $200 the other day
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