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  1. BornToDie

    Today birthdays to Gator....

    Hi to all, Happy Birthday GATOR! Egidio.
  2. BornToDie

    BF4 CTE

    Hi, BF4 CTE is ended this month... I do to uninstall it. Egidio.
  3. BornToDie

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands Update - Patch #2 Released Today

    Hi, I do not have an url on it cose I played only the beta version... Egidio.
  4. BornToDie

    EA/Orgin Account compromised.

    Thanks, You have right cos some of my friends desappear too and my son too from friends list??? Don't know how and why since 7 or 12 month my son do not played bf4 cos my son too his gtx 590 die and he buy a gtx 770 too same as mine on second hands... Some people and friends are erased from...
  5. BornToDie

    Logitech mouse...

    Hi, Now also the replacement my old G700 mouse by a new one G700S = same as old G700 (5 years old now and make auto doubble clicks alone when release left button after first clik) but much more powerful than the old mouse! Egidio.
  6. BornToDie

    BF4 making comeback on PC?

    Maybe! Egidio.
  7. BornToDie

    Asus Nvidia video card...

    Hi all, My old "AsusTek NVIDA GeForce GTX 590 PCI-E 16x 2.0 GDDR5 3GB. (365 Watts)" had 4 1/2 years old and die last month and replaced by an "AsusTek NVIDA GeForce GTX 770-DC2OC-2GD5 PCI-E 16x 3.0" from second hand and cheap. Hope it will run again few next years... ^^ Egidio.
  8. BornToDie

    Windows 10

    I know lot of people turned to win 7 cause update win 10 make some windows store crash and mishmash between xbox life & win 10: if password are not the same... Egidio.
  9. BornToDie

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Happy New Year everyone! Egidio.
  10. BornToDie


    ROFL! But right! Egidio.
  11. BornToDie

    What Weapons do you own?

    Lot use only AEK or those guns fire more than 750 to 1000 (Famas) SPM... Egidio.
  12. BornToDie

    dice la camo help

    If you need "LA dice camo", try to find "dice camo help" in "search for servers" or try to find "psychoduck UK" server and same guy's name to help you to get your camo in 10 to 12 minutes when all switchies and lanterns are solved by his smartphone under android with app. To download the app...
  13. BornToDie

    Client Server Commands

    Thanks Gator. Egidio.
  14. BornToDie

    Guidance on how to detect a hacker

    Sure he is a kid with free BF4 and buyed hack! Some are more smart to make only 100 to 10 or 50 by 5! lol Egidio.
  15. BornToDie

    When will the last day be for our BF4 server?

    hi all. I will don't move to BF1. Lot expensive here for 60,00 € = $75.00 maybe when will be at free or 5,00 € (euros). I did play the beta, I was not that much impressed too. Look like more "Days of Defeat" and "Days of Defeat Source" for game play and BF for engine... Tanks, snipe, planes...
  16. BornToDie

    Armory Forum Notifications

    It's a cool work again from Da Man Gator! Egidio.
  17. BornToDie

    Bigun Mouse Pad

    ROFL! Very big pad! Egidio.
  18. BornToDie

    Hello to all

    Welcome back SSpeaks! Egidio.
  19. BornToDie


    This says all! Egidio. Or this! Egidio. Next to... Egidio.
  20. BornToDie

    Logitech G13 Gaming Pad (My Mapped Keys)

    I see this gaming pad here too, but very expensive but very nice! Egidio.
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