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  1. TomC

    Today birthdays to Gator....

    Happy Belated Birthday Gator!
  2. TomC

    Military roll call

    A little late but since you asked US NAVY Master AT Arms 1988-2008 retired Thanks everyone for your service
  3. TomC

    FALLOUT 4 Launch Trailer

    Damn you preloaders I purchased a pip boy edition and will have to wait till Tuesday to get it
  4. TomC

    Welcome to our new members

    great News Welcome aboard
  5. TomC

    Server Last Night

    way to go guys !!!
  6. TomC

    Amelia Earhart - colorized

    As always great job Gator!
  7. TomC

    What i've been up to

    Nice work  wish you were closer I would have hired you to remodel my rooms here!!!
  8. TomC

    Our Server

    Awesome Axlerod!!  Hope to back on after I complete moving in to this house.  I sure enjoyed gaming with the clan again and hope to be doing more in the future!
  9. TomC

    Planned Upgrade for Website

    damn Gator I shutdown a few days to move ops and come back to an Awesome Upgrade Well Done Sir!!
  10. TomC

    Lonewolf Gameplay - Taking a Flag 101

    very cool
  11. TomC

    Great in-game comms

    LOL that was pretty good!
  12. TomC

    Happy Birthday Bones

    well holy crap Happy Birthday!
  13. TomC

    Auvy to SanitizedName

    Yep keep that TAGs on just remember we set the examples out there on our server.  Hell man I play like crap and cuss every one of you sons a Bs but I keep my mic off and fingers off the chat.  Just have fun playing and when it gets too frustrating take a break.  Hell you can go Bitch at Decaff...
  14. TomC

    General Grant (my latest colorization)

  15. TomC

    Armory Website Upgrade Site

    looks clean nice site Gator!  Always exceeding expectations!!!!!!
  16. TomC

    Thinking about getting the S&W M&P Shield Handgun

    Nice choice, go with whatever your comfortable with and practice!  As far as the rounds carried all ya need is two well placed shots. So practice practice practice.
  17. TomC

    Who is this stranger

    Great to hear from ya Ding!  Nice to see your progressing on that IT degree!  connect with me off line sometime I might be able to help you with a job in your chosen profession!
  18. TomC

    Website outage explained

    Wow Missed all that!! But glad to see your tech saavy enough to kick some web A$$  Thanks for keeping this going all these years!!!
  19. TomC

    Beretta PX4 Storm

    Picked up a springfield XDS 9mm this year for CCW and its very nice.  Of course My glock 19 rocks and has a great group.  I know some guys here may not be glock fans but the fact that they honor our military service with a major discount is way cool in my book.
  20. TomC

    Hello everybody

    hey Tuby hows it hanging glad to see your back in the mix!
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