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    Cool mouse
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    EA CEO Defends The Publisher's Recent Slate Of Games

    This article was in the USA today about the 20 top hated companies in is what it said about EA at number 5 5. Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, or EA, has been making highly successful video games for decades. EA has produced dozens of wildly successful franchises, including “The...
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    Today birthdays to Gator....

    Happy Birthday
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    EA account was hacked

    I suggest that everyone login to their EA account online and turn on login verification.
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    EA account was hacked

    Well I was finally able to get a live EA agent on Chat....the account was changed to Russian and the security question was in russian.....but all is good now as they recognized it was compromised yesterday....what a shitty ordeal...I did turn on extra verification on my account in case it...
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    EA account was hacked

    Can't login to my EA account in Origin. The e-mail was changed so i can't reset the password...trying to contact EA is like an act of God. Anyone got any suggestion other then play wildlands or any other game?
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    Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumor

    With all of the news of Battlefield: Bad Company 3 coming in 2018, some of it has been squashed and boosted up rumor-wise with the news of a new Battlefield game set during WWII. YouTuber AlmightyDaq said there isn't just Bad Company 3, but two new Battlefield games planned for the New Year...
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    Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumor
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    Banned on XtG Server. _

    Well since you and bunch of other dill holes went on the XTG server last night and were recruit spamming for the TAC server we got banned. Rogue and I went to their Teamspeak and talked to Robbie and he told us he was banning everyone who was affliated with TAC so CDU, HOOD, EDBA  will be banned...
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    Revive network for BF2 and 2142

    Insatll if you dare..
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    Windows 10 creator upgrade

    Anyone else upgrade your windows 10 to this? Did it yesterday and was able to open up a box in game and turn on game mode.
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    Sad day !!!

    Holy any of you fools have jobs and work for a living  :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    Don't be too good for EA
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    Windows 10 Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    gifts of Steam

    Malwarebytes blocked the website
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    Hardcore mode

    I have come to the conclusion that I hate this game. It's like a cross of COD and team fortress. Movement is like a cartoon, jerky motion and not precise, getting overpowered by a pistol is absurd. The patch was a joke.
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    BF1 Hackers .....Imagine that This post has been promoted to an article
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    A new Battlefield™ user interface is being introduced

    If you played the BF1 Alpha you already have seen this....and it does work very well
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